Our products are equipped with advanced management systems with customisable temperature controllers for refrigerated cabinets and ageing cellars.
These devices include a 5- or 7-inch TFT colour touch-screen graphic display, also available in splitted versions with USB port, clock and digital inputs.

Managing these devices is made easy thanks to a dedicated app for Android 4.4 and IOS. This app allows operation via BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth) technology on our EVCO controllers, which are characterised by simple installation and small size.

The EVlinking interface acts as a data logger, ensuring automatic storage of the data history without requiring any programming; it is fed directly from the controller.

From your smartphone or tablet, you can conveniently download and view data records, also in graphical format. In addition, it is possible to receive real-time alarms, monitor machine status, temperature and humidity, all supported by a handy, password-protected technical service.